Thursday, October 19, 2006

Nothing has been happening lately, so I haven't blogged. I had a successful trip out to the clinic and was cleared to go ahead with the donation. My sonogram showed plenty of follies. The doctor believes that my FSH might have been compromised because we had to do it on day 2 and 9 not 3 and 10. This week I received contacts and the meds. The meds came in a gigantic box with ice packs. I took my goods home and am just waiting for the actual day to come to use it. I started BCP this week as well. There are additional lab tests to be ran this week to ensure that everything is completely ok for the donation. I am supposed to get my travel arrangements booked this week, as well. Which also means I have to tell my boss that I am leaving for the week of the retrieval. For some reason, I think he is going to hate it. I never take vacation days. And when I do, I usually feel guilty. Isn't that just silly?

I did try out giving myself an injection at the clinic. Surprisingly, I wasn't too freaked out and it went off without a hitch. I guess it's probably because I used to think I wanted to be a nurse or doctor that makes me less afraid of needles. My good friend is with one agency and is about to undergo the whole process as well. They are shooting for the beginning of Dec, end of Nov. I told one of my good friends what I was doing and she was extemely supportive. In fact, she told me that she had considered it herself. But the fear of needles really threw her off. Especially when she would have to give herself the shot.

The way I see it, besides the social stigma of egg donation, there is the whole fear of needles that alot of young women face. Often times these things keep them from actually extending their helping hand to a couple. If only they could make all the meds in pill form...I would suspect that that would dramatically increase the numbers of donors. I have dealt with the social aspects of it and really, it doesn't bother me. I have been honest to those that ask but I don't really volunteer the information. I guess that's a better way to go than blurting it out to anyone and everyone. New friends that I have met are not privied to this information. I am not comfortable with being judged by someone that doesn't understand the situation. It's a good thing, I wish society would stop seeing it as anyting but.

That is all for today. I will update again when there is some actual action.