Thursday, July 09, 2009

For those curious about what happened to Couple E...I never went through that donation. I ended up canceling the donation before it even begun. I was getting an overall sense that it was not meant to be ( I couldn't get a hold of the clinic, I had problems getting an appointment set up, etc.) So eventually I just took the break that I felt like I needed. I don't regret not going through the donation, I do feel bad that I had to let the couple down though.

I also noticed that there seems to be a lot of hoopla about compensation on the web. Looks like a bit of uniformity is going on with the amounts that a donor is allowed to receive. I am just curious, what did everyone pay their donors as compensation? It seems odd to tell people they are only allowed a certain amount when the people deciding this regulation probably never had to go through a donation or retrieval. I am not condoning an large amount of money being requested, I just don't know who is right or wrong. I read that the max nowadays is $10k. Is that true? What is everyone's opinion on this?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

It's almost been a year since I've been back on here... Lots of things have changed. I took the year off to relax and to claim back my body. It was great helping those couples, but after 4 retrievals and one cancellation, it was time to give me a break. A few months back, I received an email wondering if I would be interested in a donation. I missed that email because of phone difficulties (it didn't download for some reason onto my phone) so I missed out on that match. I realized that after I missed that email, I felt bad. I was still up in the air about doing another donation, but I feel like there is still unfinished business out there. I decided maybe I could do one more. Then a few weeks ago, another couple contacted me through an agency because they were interested...but I haven't heard anything since. That pretty much made up my mind that I would do one donation.

So....I guess, I am officially back into the donation process. At least for one more round. I hope I get matched soon and it goes well. Cross your fingers for me and I'll keep you posted.