Monday, November 16, 2009

Once again, the higher FSH has struck again. Looks like we might be canceling the donation because of the 0.X amount higher than what they want to see. I should have gone off the BCP months ago when we signed the match agreement, like I normally do, but I somehow forgot about that. I still believe this has a lot to do with it.

So now, here we are, like in the beginning when only the FSH number matters and nothing I've done for the last four cycles matter. I am so upset right now. I don't know why the numbers do not speak for themselves. I do not understand why the consideration for the previous cycles and pregnancies is zilch. And here we are again, with upset IPs and upset donor (me).

Friday, October 02, 2009

Since my last post, things have been picking up on the donation front. The Psych evaluation came and went, the legal paperwork has been signed, monitoring clinics have been selected, and the retrieval doctor and clinic have been notified that we are moving forward. At this point, I am just waiting to get a schedule and get for initial screening, which, if my guesses are correct will happen after this next period.
I have been doing well on my healthy living and diet. I have had a swarm of weddings and other events lately and I have either not drank or had one or two drinks at these events. No glass of vino with my dinner anymore. I do kind of miss it because it was nice to unwind with a glass of wine and a nice hot meal. But, there are bigger things at stake here. I am worried about damaging anyone’s chances of getting enough viable eggs, afterall, I do have genetics going against me.
The psych evaluation was no eventful to say the least. I hate to say it but think these are kind of pointless. People know what other people want to hear…it sucks that I am saying this but it’s true. Someone can be lying through their teeth over the phone because they want to be matched and collect the money. The psychologist is just too long winded for me. Also, he was not prepared. I have done many of these and they always ask, what happens if I become infertile, how can I guarantee that I won’t ever go after the biological child that may result or have resulted from my previous donations. These are probably the two legitimate questions. I always say, it’s not DNA that makes you a good parent, it’s who raised you and how you were raise. I guess it’s hard to believe that some women would choose to do this. But I’ve always said, I’m not using them why can’t someone else? Especially someone as wonderful as Couple E.
Now, you’re probably wondering why I seem to know so much about Couple E. Actually, I don’t know anything about them. I don’t even know their first names. We are, as usual, in an anonymous donation. However, I have had the opportunity to talk to them. I feel really connected to them. It’s always harder to donate for people you don’t know anything about but know everything about you, including what day your period starts. It was nice, for once to see what these people were about. Not to the point of identification but just to know that they are real people, good people, who just need a little bit of help. Not that I didn’t want to donate to those who don’t want to chat or meet me or whatever. It’s just nice to put a name or a voice to the person you are trying to help.
I am starting to get really nervous about not producing enough eggs. I am also worried that I will have to stop working out soon because it’s not good for the stimulation. I have been on a work out kick for a few months so it’s going to be weird went I can’t go. I am also trying to lose 20lbs in the next few months. I have a feeling the meds will only make me more bloated. I am not overweight by any means, but as I’m getting older, my body just feels looser. I want to look good for next summer. I also want to feel good. I have a feeling donations really don’t help with that since I will be pumped full of hormones. And being women we already have a tendency to carry extra weight.
I will probably be up for one more donation after this, my 6th, well, actually my 7th if you count the canceled one. Then I will officially retire. There have been rumblings that I may have another match already lined up. Ideally, I would want that match in my city. I am kind of tired of traveling and taking time off of work. I will have to think about. Or maybe I will just go into retirement early. I am thinking about starting a family of my own in a few years. And my eggs aren’t getting any younger. We’ll see. When the time comes, I guess I will have to make the tough call. But until then, just keeping positive thoughts and my fingers crossed that this one is successful and we have a lot of viable eggs and a healthy and happy 9 months after.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

So far, nothing to report, so that's why the blog is kind of boring..sorry. Usually in the beginning its like this, just waiting around until someone calls or sends me whatever it is I need for the next steps. The match was made a few weeks ago. Since then, I've been back on the no caffeine, no alcohol, daily vitamins and folic acid regime. I don't mind it so much, the caffeine was hard at first, there are definitely still days that I could totally use a cup of coffee as a pick me up, however, they are few and far between. I've had a few weddings to go to in the last few weeks so some drinking was involved but I really tried not to overdo it.

No legal documents have been signed thus far, just the match agreement, but I realize that I made a commitment to the IPs so I just need to make sure that I take care of my body. I am waiting on the pysch evaluation and then of course, all the testing after, lots of poking and prodding to come. But its worth it. The IPs are adorable and I really them. Yes, this time, it wasn't so anonymous. I will just say that I am excited to do it for them because they seem like such wonderful parents and they want to expand their family. I feel lucky and happy to be a part of that. And I find it interesting that people actually want to pick me as their donor. I always wonder how IPs pick people to be their donors. Photos and profiles do not compare to meeting the person face to face. Either way, I am flattered and honor. Let's hope that this one goes off without a hitch and we get lots of healthy eggs!

Now, I'm off to research fertility centers close to my work so I don't have to be late to work to make my appointments for the donation.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Thursday, July 09, 2009

For those curious about what happened to Couple E...I never went through that donation. I ended up canceling the donation before it even begun. I was getting an overall sense that it was not meant to be ( I couldn't get a hold of the clinic, I had problems getting an appointment set up, etc.) So eventually I just took the break that I felt like I needed. I don't regret not going through the donation, I do feel bad that I had to let the couple down though.

I also noticed that there seems to be a lot of hoopla about compensation on the web. Looks like a bit of uniformity is going on with the amounts that a donor is allowed to receive. I am just curious, what did everyone pay their donors as compensation? It seems odd to tell people they are only allowed a certain amount when the people deciding this regulation probably never had to go through a donation or retrieval. I am not condoning an large amount of money being requested, I just don't know who is right or wrong. I read that the max nowadays is $10k. Is that true? What is everyone's opinion on this?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

It's almost been a year since I've been back on here... Lots of things have changed. I took the year off to relax and to claim back my body. It was great helping those couples, but after 4 retrievals and one cancellation, it was time to give me a break. A few months back, I received an email wondering if I would be interested in a donation. I missed that email because of phone difficulties (it didn't download for some reason onto my phone) so I missed out on that match. I realized that after I missed that email, I felt bad. I was still up in the air about doing another donation, but I feel like there is still unfinished business out there. I decided maybe I could do one more. Then a few weeks ago, another couple contacted me through an agency because they were interested...but I haven't heard anything since. That pretty much made up my mind that I would do one donation.

So....I guess, I am officially back into the donation process. At least for one more round. I hope I get matched soon and it goes well. Cross your fingers for me and I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good news, there are quite a few eggs! Its in the late teens. So, me going off the bcp was worth it. It really does make a difference in my case. Another bit of good news, the trigger shot is not in my butt! YAY! Its supposed to be in the stomach like the others. Which is music to my ears. I dread that shot more than the Menopur. I have developed a few new big bruises on my stomach. It's been a bit tender too. Some of the shots have been going pretty badly--as I mentioned before. It's hard to shoot up when its so painful. At least the end is near.

I am still rethinking the donation for Couple E. I just don't know if I have that kind of time right now to devote to do something like this again. My life is just now speeding back up. Not only do I have to have full day off for the initial screening, I will also need quite a few mornings off for the monitoring. I need to think about it, hard. If only I hadn't signed up for another one so soon. I realized that when I am finishing up with one donation, that's when I second guess the next one the most. So let's see where I stand after I get off this cycle and have my life back for alittle while. Then I will know if I am ready to do this again--so soon anyways. The retrieval is upon us, I hope Couple D gets some good eggs for their cycle!