Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good news, there are quite a few eggs! Its in the late teens. So, me going off the bcp was worth it. It really does make a difference in my case. Another bit of good news, the trigger shot is not in my butt! YAY! Its supposed to be in the stomach like the others. Which is music to my ears. I dread that shot more than the Menopur. I have developed a few new big bruises on my stomach. It's been a bit tender too. Some of the shots have been going pretty badly--as I mentioned before. It's hard to shoot up when its so painful. At least the end is near.

I am still rethinking the donation for Couple E. I just don't know if I have that kind of time right now to devote to do something like this again. My life is just now speeding back up. Not only do I have to have full day off for the initial screening, I will also need quite a few mornings off for the monitoring. I need to think about it, hard. If only I hadn't signed up for another one so soon. I realized that when I am finishing up with one donation, that's when I second guess the next one the most. So let's see where I stand after I get off this cycle and have my life back for alittle while. Then I will know if I am ready to do this again--so soon anyways. The retrieval is upon us, I hope Couple D gets some good eggs for their cycle!


Summer said...

I'm hoping the good news keeps coming!

Renee Smith said...
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