Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Full speed ahead!

I have been taking nightly Lupron shots and things are going well. Lupron and Follistim never give me much trouble. It's Menopur that burns and hurts. I did have a hesitation shot the other night, where I punctured my skin but just couldn't push the needle any further. It's like pricking yourself for fun-but not. No bruising or swelling, but there never is until I start the Menopur. Can I just say one more time how much I HATE Menopur injections.

So far everythings going along swimmingly. I haven't had but maybe two cups of tea during this cycle. I stopped drinking coffee for when I signed on for Couple C, so I just kept that going for Couple D. I also have not been drinking alcohol, as usual. I did break down and had a sangria the other night. I am still taking my Women's One A Day Vitamin and an extra dose of Folic Acid.

The "Bob Barker mic" tells the doctor that everything is going as planned. So I am just waiting to start the stim meds. I hope this one goes well and we get lots of matured eggies!

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Summer said...

Hope everything goes well for both you and your recipients this cycle!