Friday, February 16, 2007

This week is the first week of meds. Lupron is my friend. It's a bit different than the first cycle, they have me on the BCP until this weekend. Either way, doctor's orders so I am just following along. My doctor is actually a very likable and friendly man. He did a very basic exam on me the day we met. It's funny, when I asked him about he ultrasound, he said, "Oh that's right, you got caught up in the whole FSH and follies and all that nonsense last time. Well, anyone who can produce 16 healthy good looking eggs like you did the last time---we won't worry about you too much." He said that he would like to try and repeat the success that I had before and that he would try and keep all my meds and schedules the same. Works for me. Also, it helps to validate that I am a good donor. Sometimes, when all you hear are the negatives, it's hard to focus and see the success that you had.

The shots are the same as before, in the stomach. I am still searching for my "sweet spot" as I like to call it. I found it before and I think I can find it again. It's the place where you stick yourself where you feel no pain, pressure, or anything. And most of all, no resistence and no bleeding. I guess I will have plenty of time to find it. However, everything does seem like it's on overdrive. I am scheduled for a retrieval in mid-March.

The contract review was extremely quick. I loved the lawyers that were assigned to me. Super helpful, friendly, and overall, a joy to work with. I think those that are out on there looking for a reproductive law attonery should really look into the firm that these ladies ran. It's not everyday that I get lawyers that are actually willing to listen to me, give me their professional opinons when asked, and not make me feel stupid because I do not feel something in the contract is something that I want. I think there are some really good reproductive law attornies out there, you just have to look. My last attorney was definitely not up to par compared to these ladies.

I have a really long and hard two weeks ahead of me because of day job. And because of it, I will be traveling with my meds. Which is not the first time but always nerve-wrecking and always a hassle. Nothing like airport security pulling out your medical supplies in a crowded airport. It is also a hamper on the love life since my boyfriend will be joining me midway through this work traveling. But I know it's for a good cause and he is very understanding since he has experienced infertility in his family. But this won't last forever. And it's something that I like to do and feel appreciated for doing. So for now, I will keep doing it. Anyone that wants to be part of my life will have to accept it as is.


Summer said...

What a great doctor! Glad to see someone look beyond your numbers and recognize what you have been able to do.

I hope the next couple of weeks aren't as hard as you expect, but if they are I hope it all flies by quickly.

broken said...

Its so great to find your blog. I'm a mommy trying to have a second child via an egg donor. I love reading "the other" perspective.
I hope your cycle gives this couple the greatest gift.....and you are an angel.