Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ah, back at home again. These last few weeks with my day job responsibilities have been grueling. I was so tired and all the germs around me finally caught up to me. I have been sick for a few days now, feeling better but still not 100%.

Had another monitoring visit today, this time was much better. People actually knew what I was there for, had my orders, had my paperwork, etc. I was in and out in 25 minutes. Early enough for breakfast, which is a first. I talked to the third party coordinator and she told me that it looks like I have about 16 follies. Is it possible to produce more? I just started the stimulation shots this weekend. I am hoping to up the number closer to 20, like last time, so the couple has more chances in one "pop". I feel like 16 isn't enough. If they only get 80% of the eggs, that would put me at 12.8 eggs. I prefer being an overachiever and from what I gather, 12 is average. And I am all about the "more bang for your buck" thing. Somehow, 16 just sounds low. But then again, they might have miscounted. Last time, they told me that I only had 16 and I ended up with 20.

Hum....distrubing, they just called and said that my estrogen levels are slightly high and they are reducing my Follistim. They just want to make sure that it is not high for the actual retrieval. Hang in there ovaries, do your best and make me proud! I would hate to have anything happen and disappoint the couple. They are counting on this more than I am, I am pretty sure of that. Blah, three appointments this weekend, great. Well, I guess I am just happy that it'll be before my friends get into town. Hopefully, by then, I will be able to wear pants like a normal person, otherwise, I will be going out with the girls in sweatpants. The worst part about retrievals is the swelling from all the IV fluids.


broken said...

wow that's a lot of follies! Sounds like you are doing good. I'm glad they reduced your follistim, don't want you to get OHSS. Hope you are back in your tight pants soon! *grin*

Summer said...

I totally get the overachiever thing. From what I've seen in blogland it can go either way by retrieval...under 16 or over 16.

Good Luck and I hope your retrieval this time is a much better experience than last!

Anonymous Egg Donor said...

I am in my first cycle too. I was told I had 8 follies in each ovary, making a grand total of 16. I was really disappointed, but I did my research, and found out 15+ follies are pretty darn good. Good luck on this donation.