Monday, July 23, 2007

I can't believe the way that agencies think that they can talk to people! Its one thing if we signed an agreement and I back out, but it's completely another when you just expect me to not take on someone because you never contacted me. Where, exactly, does this sense of entitlement come from? Cause last time I checked, I did HAVE to do this at all, and if I CHOSE to do it, I should be able to do it through any agency that I want for any couple that I want. It makes my blood boil when they call or email or whatever and their main objective is to make you feel bad and like you are a horrible person. I don't need's not like I need to donate to support myself. They made it sound like such a annoying thing that they had to schedule donations between things happening in my life...Yeah, I have life outside of donating and I am not apologizing for it. This is ridiculous. It's a first come, first served (as crass as that sounds) type of thing, you snooze, your couple loses. I am still amazed how many couples have contacted agencies about donors, only to have that agency sit on that request for months before contacting that donor, and by then, it's too late. A donor cannot be blamed for having a life or agreeing to help someone else. I am so pissed---this keeps happening, this is the second agency that I have had to tell to shove it because I do not need to be berated for donating to someone else. It's a f'ing ridiculous way to do your job---afterall, without donors, what exactly do agencies do?

End Rant. (sorry)

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