Thursday, July 12, 2007

I was looking through some IP's blogs and it really saddens me when they go through one after another miscarriage and loss. I guess that's what I have to remind myself no matter how uncomfortable I am, how many days I have to take off from work, how I hate stabbing myself, that there are people out there are counting on people like me. Sappy? Sure. But it's true.

I stil have not heard back from the clinic, which is ok, except, I am getting ready to pick up alot of work duties so if I don't hear back soon...they might not be able to reach me. Hum... maybe I will call next week. I also will need to travel to the East coast in the fall, it should be fun. Never been there before. This gives me an opportunity to really just live out my dream of seeing all parts of the US. I feel like I am sheltered most days.

Life is picking up speed and I am just along for the ride. I think 2008 will definitely be much calmer and slower. I can't wait to get through all this stuff and move beyond my life as a donor. Not because I don't like it but because I find that my life is always planned, months in advanced. I also would like it if I could just not worry about silly stuff like the first day of my period or how much caffiene I am drinking, or how many follies I have, of if that bob barker mic is really aimed for my Va-Jay-Jay. I want to be able to live my life without having to get an ok by doctors and have all my days tracked... well, that's how I feel anyway. I anticipate it will be a good thing, to get control over my body back. So until 2008, I think I will just take all of this in as a lesson. It's been positive and I feel like I am a better person for it. You can't blame a girl for looking ahead, can you? Even if she enjoys what she is doing now.

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