Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The last week or so have pretty much just flown by. I am eagerly awaiting progress in this donation, so far, we have started some meds. I am doing pretty well, staying with my diet, eating right, not drinking, and avoiding caffeine. Unfortunately, I did have two or three days of weakness and drank alittle...alright, one day it was more than "alittle" but I am crossing my fingers that it's ok. I am human....it's not an excuse but it is honest. I am flawed.

I have been diligent about not consuming caffeine, so I hope that helps. I have been working quite a bit so I have lost about 13 lbs. Which, is a good thing, trust me. I was starting to think that I was getting too heavy. Now, I am about 7 pounds away from my ideal weight. Granted, no one I knew thought I was overweight and no one can really tell that I've lost weight except when they study my face (seems to always be the first place I lose weight). I realized only last week that I had lost weight because I weighed myself, up until that point, I only had a sneaky suspicion based on the fact my pants were all loose. All around things are good.

Unfortunately, I have had to take my computer in for repairs so it might be a while before I post again. I promise to report back when the injections and appointment start. I hope everyone is doing well.

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Summer said...

Good Luck with everything! And for what it's worth, I don't think alcohol before a donation is all that worrisome. The amount of alcohol exposure during pregnancy is much more of a concern.