Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My tummy is starting to feel full. I haven't had a period since March so I think my ovaries are just filling up with eggs. I am starting to get really nervous and excited about the start of injections. But with juggling work and appointments I am glad its all going by so fast and soon, it will be over. I am nervous about quantity of ovum, but I am nervous about that every donation. I just hate to disappoint anyone. Especially myself. Its odd admiting that but it is true. I set myself up and get so hyped up on each and every donation that when it gets canceled or the couple disappears, I really feel disappointed.

I have also been wondering how the meds are going to work this time. I have a new med that I am only vaguely familiar with actually, I was prescribed this before. It's called Ganirelix. I found myself wondering if my period is going to start while in the middle of injections. Since I don't know how this new medication works. And since it is administered differently than anything else in my other donations. Of course the usual suspects are there, Menupor and Folistim, and a trigger shot. Oddly, I am eager to get on with the injections. I guess my tummy is just going to get fuller ;).

Nothing new to report. Once things start rolling I will update the blog. Until then, take care.

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Summer said...

I hope this donation goes well for you!

Please try not to think too much about disappointing people. It is an incredibly wonderful thing that you are doing, regardless of the number of eggs retrieved. Hang in there!