Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Apparently, no news is good news. I completed my clomid challenge on Saturday. This time around, the lab was quick and had all the stuff together. I was happy to get in and out in 25 minutes. I spoke to my coordinator and she said that she hadn't heard anything from the clinic so everything is still a go. I am starting to get excited about this whole thing. I am happy that I can help someone.

This whole egg thing must be on my subconcious because I keep having dreams about it. I dreamt, recently, that I had PCOS. Not a good thing. But apparently, I could still donate in the dream. I never knew what PCOS was until I decided to donate. Ever since, I try to read other people's blogs and get as much information on the donation process and their experiences. It's been extremely helpful. I hope that this journal helps someone else in return. Nothing too exciting happening to me yet, but in the long run, I hope it helps someone.

In a while, I will be travelling to the clinic. It's exciting to know that we are just that much closer to making this happen for someone. I know there is no guarantee that a positive result will come of this. But it's good to know that there is a chance. I do have to wonder if the IPs think this way too? This is an expensive process and I hope that they do not have to do it multiple times. From what I understand, some insurance covers treatment, but there are alot others that don't. So in a way, all their eggs are in my basket.

It is a weird situation that we have set up. By we, I mean the egg donation process. The IPs know what I look like and I believe they know my first name. Years from now, if we pass on the street, won't they recognize me? Whereas, I have no idea who they are. I guess it doesn't matter. I think it would be awkward to meet your biological child while walking from the grocery store. I read somewhere that most people keep the donated egg thing a secret from the child and from everyone else. This makes sense and I can understand why some people do it. Afterall, only the couple and those that directly participated in the donation process will know the egg is not theirs. The mom will still carry the baby to term. It is a personal choice that they have to make for themselves.

Anywho, the rambling must stop. Thanks for reading.

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Summer said...

I know I've said this already, but thanks for sharing your thoughts. As someone who is thinking about using an egg donor, I often wonder what it is like for the egg donor. And, though I know not all egg donors are the same, I really like seeing what the process is like from your perspective.