Monday, November 13, 2006

I started the meds this month and haven't really had much trouble. Here's what's going on.

At the beginning of the month I started the BCP. Then about two weeks ago, I started the Lupron shots in the thighs. I have found the sweet spot on my left leg...not so much on the right. Usually, I don't feel anything but the inital prick. Sometimes, and especially on the right leg, it burns. Maybe I am pushing the meds in too fast or something. My legs are starting to look spotty from all the tiny insulin needle pricks. It's gotten to the point that I could pretty much do the Lupron injection in my sleep.

Now, the Follistim is a whole another story. The damn pen is defective, I think. My first time, no problem. On my second day, it didn't look like anything was given, which really worries me. Maybe the pens are not the best way to go. The actual injection is given in the stomach, which haven't really been painful. But sometimes when I push the meds, since the dial turns, I think the needle moves and turns too. That can hurt. My injection last night was uneventful and this time, I watched to make sure that the meds actually decreased. I hope this doesn't mess up the cycle, the one bad shot from the other day. I don't want to disappoint the parents.

The Menopur needle is probably the worse one. It hurts when it goes in, no matter which side, left or right. I hate transferring and mixing it. I always worry that I am not getting all of the meds. The needles is bigger for this one, I don't know why. I wish it wasn't. Maybe I can just mix it with the correct syringe and use the smaller insulin syringes and needles to inject it? I could ask about that.

A couple of things have been difficult. The other day, I couldn't get myself to inject the meds. My hands were getting clammy just thinking about stabbing myself. It took alot to work me up enough to do it. This went on for 3 days. Two days ago, I was trying to inject myself in the stomach and for some reason, I got the needle in and then I pulled it out. That meant that one day, I got stuck in the stomach THREE times. It was actually pretty painful. I am also having a really hard time with the no alcohol, no sex, and no over the counter meds without consent.

The alcohol is because I have been involved in may social functions in the last few weeks. It's been hard telling people that I don't want a drink because they get curious and start pestering me about it. We are young and we all go out, so it's not really something that people my age understand. Not to mention, I just don't feel the need to tell them why I am refusing a drink. The sex is hard because I am in a new relationship and find the guy I am dating very sexually appealing. I don't want to mess things up for me (and him) or for the recipients. So far this has been the harder battle. Afterall, we are at an age where we don't really have to wait, but in my case, it's all on hold. As for the OTC drugs, well, I have been battling a cold for the last week and half. Not being able to take anything is very hard. I also find that I am just too lazy to call and ask for consent, I would rather suffer ;). You don't realize how much you take for granted being able to take some pain meds for a headache or cold medicine for your cold until you can't do it anymore.

I am to leave for the retrieval in another few more days! I am really excited about it. I want and hope that my eggs will work for the IPs. I am starting to feel crampy and sore today. I hope they are growing bigger and plentiful. I want a good harvest for the recipients so that they can have the best chance possible. It's alot of money that they have spent on this. I hope the end result is a beautiful baby for them. Wish me luck!

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Summer said...

Good Luck! I hope your discomfort with all the needles and due to the stimulation is temporary.

Will you know if your recipients become pregnant or not?