Thursday, November 30, 2006

Out of 20 follies, 16 ovums were harvested. The fertization should have happened on Thanksgiving, so maybe that's a good sign that they will result in pregnancy. The donation went pretty well, the doctor said it was pretty much textbook. While trying to put my IV in my hand, the nurse punctured my vein causing me extreme pain and swelling/bruising. That bruise is almost gone now. Unfortunately, I had a bad reaction to one of the painkillers, which caused me to pass out and vomit repeatedly for three hours. Ick.

I missed my flight home for Thanksgiving because I was in no shape to fly. Which also meant that my friend missed her Thanksgiving to take care of me. Yup, feel the guilt on that one. I was pretty swollen and sore, so much so that the next day when I was getting dressed, none of my clothes fit, so I ended up borrowing some lounge pants from my friend. My swelling pretty much as gone away now, just a little bit is left. At least I can wear my normal pants, which is good thing because it would be unacceptable to show up to work in sweats :).

Even though it was terrible (my reaction to the drugs), uncomfortable, inconvinent, and overall not what I thought it would be, I still believe that I would do it again. It might take more of everything to convince me to do it again, but I don't think that it would be much more. I feel like I helped someone and that they appreciated what I did. From what I gathered, the couple really were looking at the donationas a last resort. So, I have all my crossables crossed for them!


Summer said...

I'm sorry that you and your friend ended up missing Thanksgiving even though you had a Wednesday retrieval.

But, I'm glad to hear you are starting to recover.

I can't speak for your recipients, but I think egg donors such as you are giving such a great gift when you do what you do. Even though you may not know if what you did results in a pregnancy (or maybe even more than one...16 eggs is a quite a bit!) I think you have made a huge impact on them.

I have tried to see if there was an email I could use to contact you privately to ask you some questions about your egg donation. I'm curious to know if you were associated with an agency or to a clinic? How did you come to decide to become an egg donor?

I'm not seeking you out as an egg donor, I would just like to know more about what the experience was like for you.

If you are willing to correspond with me, you can email me at summerdownes at gmail dot com. If not, I certainly understand.

Lynnette said...

I'm sorry youe retrieval was so hard. I think you have a great attitude, though. Your IP's will be lucky to raise a child that might result from your eggs. Thanks, from another IP who appreciates what you do.