Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Today, I got good news and bad news.

First, lets get to the good news. I have a set date for the retrieval! Yay! So the end is finally near. I have been really eager to get this one done so I can have my own life and body for a little bit until the next one. Even though we are all compensated for our time, it still doesn't match how much you have give up of you to do this. It will be a much appreciated break.

Second, the bad news.....well it's not bad so much as scary. I found out today that I need to inject the trigger shot into my butt. Um...come again? Yeah, double take time at the doctor's office. Not only is that my vice but I have been picturing myself seriously injuring my bum in the process. I can stick needs into my stomach all day. But holy geebus, you want me to shoot myself up in the butt cheek....um...no. I know, it shouldn't be any different but I got the clammy hands just thinking about it. Geez. So as the doomsday hour approaches, I have a pounding headache. I know it's not any different than my stomach but the last butt shot I had, well, lets just say that cheek was out of commission for a few days. Not fun. Ugh...the fears we must face.

I am looking forward to getting everything done and lets just hope it all goes well. I only have one more blood work scheduled, the trigger shot, and then the retrieval. I can't wait, as I am currently holed up in a hotel. But there are worse things in life ;).


pved-mom said...

Oh trust me, you want the trigger shot in your hip/buttocks area. You don't want an IM in your stomach or arm.

It's over in 2 seconds. Can you get someone to help you?

Lynnette said...

I second the idea to get someone (preferably with some medical training, I once had a vet tech give me one, lol) to give you the IM shot. BTW, it should be your hip, not your "cheek." Put your hands on your hips, with your thumbs towards your back, and where your thumb is, is pretty much where you want the shot. Put your weight on the the opposite leg. Good luck! You're doing great!

Summer said...

If it's supposed to be an IM shot, the hard part is being able to get into position for the shot. It's easier if someone can give it to you because it's an odd angle, but it can be done! It helped me to stand in front of a mirror. If you do a search on youtube for IM progesterone shots, you can find see how people have done it.

Good Luck!!